Three Kids and Counting…

I’m astounded when I reflect on the year of 2015 and recognize how much change occurred, but it’s even more surprising to me when I look at the multitude of events that have already taken place in 2016. What an exciting year this is shaping up to be!

My little guy and I have been blessed with the company of two sisters for about a month and a half now. Here are some things I’ve learned about being responsible for three children:

  1. Trips to Target are a regular occurrence to keep up with the excessive amount of food they consume. To give you an idea of the frequency, my phone is convinced that I have an evening job at Target – it informs me what time I need to leave my house to make it to “work” on time, then proceeds to direct me to Target.

VZM.IMG_20160212_155808This was our most recent trip to Target – we were joined by two of my friend’s children. I feel like successfully making it through this shopping trip should be added to my resume!

2. Of my least favorite things to do, laundry is probably right up there with cleaning toilets, but three children create a lot of dirty laundry! Doing laundry became even more of a pain when I accidentally left the basement door open all night in -22° weather – since my machines are in the basement, I woke up this morning to a load of frozen clothing in the washer. Although this was quite frustrating, I’m sure it is dull in comparison to the feeling I’m going to have when I get my heating bill!

3. Having a full house makes my heart happier than you can possibly fathom ❤ Time management, proper planning, and a whole lot of patience are key components to our daily routine, and the support of my family is a blessing that I will never take for granted. I’m so fortunate to have their help, especially when I have a sick child or when there’s a snowday (I used to love those so much as a kid, but they are a pain when you’re a working parent!).

In other news, I never thought I would refer to myself as a grandma at the ripe old age of 23, but I officially have a grandbaby!! I met my foster grandson for this first time this weekend and was overjoyed. I am so proud of his Momma (my former teenage foster child) and am thrilled that I can visit with them even though they are no longer in foster care.


Additionally, I am pleased to announce that I have been blessed with the title of Miss Finger Lakes 2016!! I am in my final year of eligibility in the Miss America Organization and am thrilled to having this opportunity to motivate others with my work as a foster parent. I look forward to sharing more with you about this journey!

Miss Finger Lakes 2016.jpg

Love always,



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